SP4CE portal open for testing

As an implementation of the project a prototype of a multilingual learning portal was created and is available at: http://sp4ce.eu/. If you are interested please and test the working prototype. Access to the system requires online registration. For any comments, please notify the system administrator or contact persons whose addresses are available on the project website.

The Second Working Meeting in Warsaw

The Second Working Meeting was held in Warsaw 15/10/2015. During this meeting the next phase of realization of the project and Completed Short Term Staff Training Events were summarized and the next steps were discussed.

Coaching and collaboration with enterprises training in Budapest

The second of two short-term joint Staff training events with topics of collaboration with enterprises was held in Hungary between on 4-8 May 2015. During the training partners were trained about different methods and aspects of collaboration with enterprises as well as methods and approaches to coaching and also participated in a series of meetings and trainings to familiarize them with the different approaches encountered in this topic.

First Working Meeting in Budapest

The First Working Meeting was held in Budapest on 17 April 2015. During this meeting, the realization of the first phase of the project was summarized and the next steps were discussed.